About us

Looking for awesome games costing peanuts?

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Gamethrill Market, your new favourite platform.
Behind the scenes are a great gang of Swedish gaming enthusiasts who started Gamethrill
2 years ago. Gamethrill is (as you of course know) an awesome subscription service that offers cheap various games in classic loot style.

While we are out hunting for great games we sometimes stumble upon unexpected treats in form of game codes for a bargain. And now we would like to let you in on these amazing deals. 

Does it sound a little fishy? No worries since this works pretty much as every other business in the world. If you buy more you get better prices. We also have the chance to work directly with developers which gives you these amazing deals.

Now, that we cleared all your questions, start by joining our gang by subscribing to our newsletter so we can give you a friendly hint when we have super deals coming in.

Happy hunting!