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3 months ago

Bioshock 2

Overview: A part of the BioShock series, an epilogue to the 2007 game “BioShock”. A first person shooting game that is set in Rapture City, a dreamland underwater city that turns dystopia after that tragedy happens. This game tells the story about the hidden city underwater that has unrestricted experimentation on people. The city was built by Andrew Ryan to escape the tyranny of government. ...

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4 months ago

Quake Champions

Overview: A multiplayer shooting game wherein teamwork is the key to victory. This fast skill based arena like competition gives you a dynamic mission objective that is purely based on the main story of the game. But it is kind of exciting for it’s “free play” features with new and thrilling game levels and astonishing weapon designs. Gameplay: This game is mechanically superb for it’s br...

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