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An online multiplayer battle royal game with a large scale of players in a last man standing death match. In this game you will play as a mercenary along with other 99 players parachutes onto an island. Upon landing, players gather as much weapons, equipments, armors and ammo’s and other supplies for this last man …

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BOUNTY TRAIN 2018-12-17

A strategic locomotive management RPG game set in a 19th century railway stations. It was developed by Corbie Games and was published by Daedalic Entertainment. This game takes elements of various genres and merges it into something new and unique game. Be prepared to conquer the Wild West on rails and explore the dangerous life …

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Sins of Solar Empire – Rebellion 2018-12-17

A sci-fi space-bound real time strategy game set in the cold and dessert recesses of the universe that still remains as the most remarkable strategy game who brings out both RTS and some elements of 4x genre or more commonly known as (expand, exploit, explore and exterminate). Developed by Ironclad games and published by Stardock …

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