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The Flame in the Flood 2019-01-16

A rogue lite traveling survival video game set in the backwaters of forgotten rural post-societal America. A survival game that focuses on constant movement and improvisation. Travel by foot and by raft through generated water, find materials, craft tools, evade the vicious wildlife and stay ahead for the coming rain. Gameplay: The entirety of the …

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Marooners 2019-01-16

A fun to play indie action multiplayer game which puts you on the edge of your seats. Brace yourself for the unpredictable surprise this game brought us! Other way of saying, expect the unexpected! 😁 Gameplay: This game features a lot of mini games which players compete to collect most treasures they can get. Whoever …

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent 2019-01-16

The first out of three series of Amnesia. This is a first person perspective survival horror game which puts you into a feeling chills to the core. Be ready to survive this horrifying game produced and published by Frictional Games and be prepared to escape this castle you are in. Go run and hide! Gameplay: …

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