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Quake Champions

Quake® Champions is a fast-paced Arena shooter, a genre established by the original Quake 20 years ago. Mixing the dark mythos of Quake with the innovative multiplayer of Quake III Arena, the game adds a modern twist – Champions, each with unique attributes and abilities for players to master.

Highlighted achievements:


A multiplayer shooting game wherein teamwork is the key to victory. This fast skill based arena like competition gives you a dynamic mission objective that is purely based on the main story of the game. But it is kind of exciting for it’s “free play” features with new and thrilling game levels and astonishing weapon designs.


This game is mechanically superb for it’s breathtaking visuals as they design it in a high built in standard with brand new designs. 😊

The main mission of this phenomenon is to kill and win of course but to be able to win you must be on your most powerful dream team and create a memorable victory in killing your opponents. This game consists of various unique characters whose separated in gender and race but all share in common personality known as killing. Each characters has sets of skills and developed abilities to fight. From running in short maps, wreck and pick ups, to grab powerful weapons and everything else. This fun arena shooter offers more fun and exciting modern twist of the game.

Overall, this game has improved. Two thumbs up! Left you with a “I have no chance in winning but still found yourself playing again and aims to win” kind of game.